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Chocolate cake with stuffing
Fills you up till you groan
You should have some of the pudding bomb
or a nice clotted cream scone

Gooseberry trifle is delicious
there is more if you like
apple tart and raspberry mouse
Griddle pan waffles in sight

So what we're doing
Waiting for the sweets to come
And what we're dreaming
of chocolate cake and gingerbread
Sweets for my gree
I'm nutty as a fruitcake for the raspberry tart
frozen cheesecake puts a smile on my face
I'll have two for a start
lemon-cupcakes are so freaking good
there is no way to resist
a special treat, a revelation
put them on the shopping list

raid on the pantry is a good idea
getting in is a piece of cake
malt cookies for breakfast
cinnamon roll for the break

so ignore your dentist’s advice
fill your interdental space with sweets
dental floss is overrated
candi floss is made to eat
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